Less than 3 weeks to go

250 teams will line up at Casterbridge in White River for the 4th annual MTN Panorama Tour. The old hands will be more confident about the race but all the novices will be wondering about what lies in store. We know the answer...lots of hills, a big challenge but the sweetest finishing line of any race. Each day has its own character and each day will take something and give something to every rider and team mate.

So here is your major update

This is a team event. You are required to stay within two minutes of your partner at all times. This is not about riding away from him/her when they are struggling - it could be you on the next stage. Look after each other and the riders around you. You will be together a lot of the time and will need the support. The event is way more rewarding when you work together and suffer/celebrate together.

There is detailed information on the website regarding the routes but as they stand at the moment, Stage One has some very nasty potholes. We cannot guarantee that they will be fixed in time but will be marked if not. At this point there will still be largish bunches so you must be alert and signal to the other riders. Some of the potholes are on downhills so be extra careful. You may want to re-consider extremely light rims in case they buckle. We will allow spare wheels in the official vehicles but as you know, it may take some time for the vehicle to get to you. Plan carefully now for all eventualities.

Race Seeding

There is seeding for Stage One only. Thereafter, your start batch will depend on your cumulative race time. The race employs its own unique version of seeding which is as follows: As in 2008, your initial seeding will be based on any previous results from the MTN Panorama Tour (50%), combined with your requests and motivations (25%) and an assessment against similar race results (25%). Requests much reach the race office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 17th April and the provisional seedings will be posted at registration. Riders will be able to request and motivate an adjustment then.

Time keeping is by Great Time. You will not require chips but your race number must be clearly visible on your back at all times. You will also be supplied with a small "business card" size number which must be displayed on your handlebars facing forward (no where else). Not displaying this may affect the capturing of your result.

Registration & Race Briefing

Registration is at the Barnyard Theatre at Casterbridge from 11:00 onwards. Race Briefing is at 17:00 at the same venue. It lasts about an hour thereafter late registration will continue until 21:00. Please notify the race office if you are going to be later than this time.

Race briefing and Award Ceremonies will be at 17:00 every day and podium finishers are obliged to attend. The final prize giving will be at approximately 12:00 on Tuesday but is subject to confirmation.

Souvenir Jerseys

There are souvenir jerseys for purchase on the website. Please submit your order before close of business on Wednesday, 8th April. These are only available on pre-order and will be packed into your goodie bag at registration. The manufacturer is Cyclone if you wish to check sizing.


A team of experienced massage therapists will be available to treat those tired and aching legs. It is better to pre-book your slot to ensure your treatment. Please contact Ursula on 083 445 4099. She will also be at registration to take last minute bookings. They will be available from 10:30 on Stages 1 & 3 and 9:30 on Stage 2. The cost is R120 for half an hour.

Bells Cycling

The bike shop will be available for last minute issue you may have. They will be present from registration from 15:00 - 17:00 and every morning from 6:00 to 7:30. They will be back again in the afternoons from 15:00 until late. On time trial day, they will be there from 6:00 until the last riders depart. Please contact Nico at Bells Cycling on (013) 757-0920 to discuss any cycling needs you may have or for items you may have forgotten. Bells Cycling will also provide a back up vehicle on route with an assortment of spares for emergencies but DO NOT rely on this - be self sufficient.

MTN Hotspots

There is a change to this system this year. On Stage One, the MTN hotspot will be for the first Men, Women and Mixed teams across the line. On Stage Three, it will be for the first, Sub Vet, Vet, Masters and Tandem across the line. Details will be at race briefing and in your rider booklet.