2011 Stage Two

Route Description

After the long stage of Day 1, the riders will be looking at a fast stage 2. This stage is the flattest the Lowveld can offer. From the start the riders turn left towards the town of White River but turn immediately right at Palm Motors which is a neutral zone of 2km. If you haven't warmed up your legs, this  first bump will hurt.  Once through the town, the riders turn right towards Sabie (R537) but shortly after, turn left towards Brondal.

This road undulates through magnificent countryside and the riders will experience a different perspective of the region. There are some exhilarating down hills and long gradual climbs that will get the muscles working and the blood flowing when, at 25km the riders will turn left and begin the fast descent back into the capital of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit. As the riders reach the outskirts of the town, they will turn right and about 100m further on, left onto the N4 bypass.  The N4 rolls up and down until Karino where the riders will turn left, cross over the four way stop and rejoin the original route.

The water point is located at 64km and take this opportunity to catch your breath before the final assault back to Casterbridge.  The route takes the riders towards the KMIA Airport, where the men will be divided from the boys, over the last hilly 20 km.  Watch out for sudden changes in route direction which you could overshoot if you are not wide awake.

Riders will return to Casterbridge from the Numbi Gate road (R538) on a couple of final steep climbs.  Take in a massage and some good food at before race briefing and relax for the penultimate day.