Under Trained is not a good idea

Year to date Training = 417km

MTN Panorama Tour Training Camp = 226km out of a possible 310km

Excuses = plenty but none good enough!

Yep, if you are doing the tour, more training than this is required. Luckily, we know that you are more responsible and committed and that you know you want to avoid pain and suffering. You do, don't you?

There are about 7 weeks to the Tour, more than enough time to get some serious training and saddle hours in. That Stage One is still brutal and we are more convinced than ever that it is a stage to respect and manage carefully. If you are a novice to the Tour, whatever else you do, don't go out too hard on this first day. The potholes in the Kiepersol section are horrendous again this year and we hope they'll be repaired in time but for the rest, good riding.

Don't wait too long to source your accommodation and remember, entries close soon so don't miss out.