What now?

The Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour is now a memory and its time to look for the next challenge. With about 6 weeks to go to the 3rd edition of the MTN Panorama Tour, its time enough to build on the mileage in your Argus legs. Racing in teams of two is a unique formula in road cycling and every year, more and more cyclists return to share the fun and suffering with their friends, club mates and families.

The route is challenging and if you have any doubts, join us for a training camp at the end of March where you can tackle the three long days without any racing pressure. There is more information on the website.

Behind the scenes, we are working on all aspects of the race to make it the most enjoyable yet. The rains early in the year have produced a number of potholes on the Kiepersol stretch and re-surfacing of the tar on the White River/Sabie road has left a lot of sand on the road - all things to challenge our race organisation.

Casterbridge and its tenants are gearing up for you and we'll see more innovation at the waterpoints - remember the pizza from last year?
MTN and the Panorama Team are looking forward to hosting you in White River at the end of April - so don't miss out. Entries close at the end of March.