And it all comes together

Today is the day that the MTN Panorama Tour officially kicks off. The organising team has arrived and now, it is just you and your bike we're waiting for. The MTN Zone at the Barnyard is already abuzz and is going to be operating from 6 until late. We even have persian carpets laid out for the riders to rest their weary bodies after a hard day's riding.

The shops at Casterbridge are incredibly excited for this year's race and I have my eye on the 20% off at the Drifter shop, not mention the specialist chocolates at Shautany, Pappas' legendary pizzas and by the end of the tour, I could well be ensconced at the Wellness Center.
The 2008 edition of the race will be the best yet. Lets hope the weather plays ball so when that theme song rolls out over the start area, you are raring to go.

Drive safely and see you later.
The Team