2019 Elite / Pro Rules

Please note that the same Tour rules and regulations for all categories will apply.

  • It also means that two Elite or Pro riders may ride together in a team.
  • If you are a CSA registered Pro Team of 6 or more riders, you can enter 3 or more teams of two riders per team.
  • Only the two riders riding together are allowed to help each other.
  • No team vehicles will be allowed during the tour. If one of the two riders in a team is unable to finish the stage, the team will not be allowed to finish the tour.
  • Any rider with a current Elite or U/23 Licence will only be allowed to ride in the Elite category.
  • Only one of the riders in the team is required to have an Elite or U/23 licence.
  • The Elite Category will start every day 30 minutes before the rest of the field.